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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
I was thinking i'd keep my stock one in case i ever wanted to swap back, but i guess why would i? Lol

So the ones you purchase are just the same as oem but with the metal bit punched out? No actual enlargement (drilling/something) at all? That's still a lot smaller than the clutch line/inlet port no? So still a restriction?

Are there any that are properly enlarged so it's smooth the whole way through? (or would that actually be a bad thing?)

Will do, should get a reply by this time tomorrow or so

You do not want to use a drill bit... bc you will never get out all the metal shards from inside the CDV. All that is needed is too use a 3mm punch to knock out the restrictor from inside the stock CDV. Or buy a new CDV from your dealer and mod that part. That is what I did...

You can see the restrictor inside the CDV here...

insert a 3mm punch... and whack it with a small hammer...

you can see the restrictor in my hand along with the mod'd cdv

Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
TRW is stamped on official bmw m3 the wishbones, I saw it in an image search I did. The stamp is on the lower rubber mounting. I found it while searching for wishbones on ECS. The image in question is the European genuine m3 wishbone, when searched by realoem part#.
Here you go! Can you spot the TRW stamp?
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