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Putting in an aussies pov, a 130i can be had sub 30k, a 135i starts at 50k... So the same money is every suspension mod possible, bbk, full exhaust, wide body, wheels, stereo, all the bmwp cosmetics.. Heck probably even bmwp seats. And you've still spent less money

You guys over in the us? Well only reason would be their aim of 320-350whp on their 'base' kit (which really is around or even more than a tuned 135i), bit more on the low end and less weight

So really for me it's 'i could only afford a 130i at the time and hey now i can still upgrade it and still have spent less!'

Ed: and whats wrong with rnd out of a garage? It's how horsepowerfreaks started and you don't see anyone ragging on their m3 turbo gear eh?.. Except for the price..