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First Impressions

got about 4500km now,
mainly by friends who did the km's till first service
(and a bit more....)

I really like the stickering, it breaks the black,
this "wax-it" is staying till winter,
afterward I'll do something for my own business
next year we plan a trip through the mountains to supercar-valley,
then striping will be ITALIA

when my driving buddy brought it to my place,
we went immediately to the Nordschleiffe,
I try to do that with my new cars, as I know the RING very well,
I can more easily find out how it behaves and if there are any issue
for me (Aeromax needed another steering house, but too expensive
so an update in the geometry and other tires did the trick for 80%)

so how were those first laps on the RING?
first two were on damp track, slightly raining,
it scared the shit out of me, I only had done a few km's from autobahn to RING,
so every curve was a challenge, luckily a BMW has a setup that gives confidence,
also I left all safety-systems on,
after two laps I went for a drink, my buddy took it for a lap and drove everithing off,
halfway he pushed the M-mode to OFF, as he got frightened by the sudden overboost out of curves
third lap was faster and confidence was growing (and track driying)
fourth lap was for the first half really to much trying to be fast and
more trowing the car, so I did a few curves at idle to calm down,
then after a yellow flag-section, we had GT3 and Cayman R on our tale,
I let the GT3 pass by, only to find out: old guy no CS: so I chased it,
could follow (probably because I know the track so well) and we rode away from the cayman

so: next thursday - if everything goes by plan, I go back with M3power
he'll be a lot faster with his suspension setup and black kidneys
but I'll try to follow him

when in a good mode, I'm sure we'll eat Caymans for breakfast and RS3s for lunch don't know about diner

current impressions:

grip - diff - brakes - power delivery - torque - steering - comfort - goodies - seats -
looks make people go to slow-lane faster than in 911

don't know:
suspension (harsh on bad roads + slightly too soft for track)
noiz (good for daily + too silent for sports)

hard plastic everywhere - need a new dog-cage - makes you wanna go TOO FAST

some pictures at my parents place:
I only had my camera, not my bag with all equipment,
so no polarisation-filter