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I know i posted before they are all the same, that was partially wrong, from my experience in very similar situations don't bother complaining to an independant dealer/mechanic, they will not give a shit about you, only complain to head office, and tell them you have already gone to Fair Trading and that a lawyer will be in contact. Than wait for a deal or compromise. Its worked 2 out of 2 times for me so far but if they call your bluff you could be screwed.

also be careful with independant dealers making you pay for the repair and then double dipping and claiming the warranty with BMWA.

i bought my 135i from Sylvania but had to go to BMW Sydney to get the HPFP replaced for free under warranty as Sylvania wanted to charge me for it. I have a whistle in the turbo now and i have to again go to Sydney to get it done as Sylvania are trying to pull the same trick again. Double dipping is pretty rampant with independant dealers i have been told.