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Well i guess the conclusion to the story goes like this..

1. Talked to Logan in customer relations at BMW H.O Got absolutely nowhere with him being an arrogant asshole saying that BMW will stand their ground.

2. Had a great conversation with Michael at Sylvania.. now this guy has dealt with me being shitty and his boss John in the past when i put a complaint about John in and praised Michaels efforts.
-He was calm and understanding,
-He took care of costs for me as best he could saving me a shitload of $$
-He dealt with the whole situation in such a way HE should be the Service Manager and that other asshole should be OUT
10/10 service from him and cant praise him enough.

Got the repairs done $350 later.

I WILL NEVER BUY A BMW AGAIN.. Looking for a family car/ suv for the kids (that are due in Feb) so instead of buying an X5 or a 5 series, after all this shit i went and bought a Holden Captiva 7 fully loaded with goodies.

FUCK BMW, the headache ive had with this car, from the fuel pump to the customer relations dept.

But i still love my 135