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Originally Posted by Elsabor67 View Post
Which one is the Gross Glockner?

Its about two hours South of Salzburg. You drive towards Gmund(where Porsche first built its 1st 48 cars) and then a little bit further.

Here is my old post from last year, Nick.

Gross Glockner Pass Hoch Strasse

What I really liked better about the Gross Glockner was that the roads leading up to the Pass were MUCH wider and smoother... and not that many people were up there driving around. Maybe I just got lucky when i went. But the Stelvio Pass was like an open secret - every type of performance car was at or going up there or coming back from Stelvio Pass. At the Gross Glockner... it was still for only the "people in the know" like the way the 'Ring use to be.

I think there are also a few other Austrian Passes North of the Glockner that should be really decent too. Maybe some other guys can chime in where we should all go. All the roads near the Glockner reminded me of Little Swiss over here in BA. Lots of nice curvy roads.