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Well then 2.0 is not for you then since no matter what you will have to take the cowl off and access the ECU at some point to upgrade to it even if you bought a new Gen 3 unit with 2.0 already installed on it. If you dont want to run the USB cable to it you will be missing out on a lot of 2.0 offers you. You can wait awhile until the final version for high altitude cars comes out and is basically bug free. IT is pretty on the money right now but just wait for the final release.

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I'm kind of wanting a plug-n-forget solution and don't have time to be dicking a whole lot with things (i.e. taking apart the car to access the ECU) I'd prefer only to do that before services... and I don't want to run the cable through the firewall as I'll be having to pull it right back out for services too. That's why I was hoping it was more in a final state - especially the high altitude piece.. But, I may change my mind, ha... Lot of happy folks on 2.0.

Man things were so easy when I flashed my STi with my Accessport. OBD port...
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