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Originally Posted by terryb View Post
Nope, just checked today and the ECU was not updated and nothing picked up on the service, so the DMS remap must be undetectable as indeed DMS said it would be. Also got my name down on the list for the ODB cloning software update
Any remap is detectable, but not by the dealership. If there is a major issue with the engine or ECU, the ECU data does get sent back to BMW M for scrutiny and any tempering will be picked up even if the remap is no longer there. If you manage to convince any reputable tuner to state it in writing that their remap is undetectable, then I would surely like to know. There are still logs that show data values have been changed, even when original values are put back. I had a DME malfunction and it was sent back to Munich before a replacement was sent back 3 weeks later. I didn't have a remap however. Nothing wrong with remaping, but one has to accept a certain level of risk.

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