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2009 135i  [4.13]
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VMR V701 19 x 8.5 ET45 front and 19 x 9.5 ET45 rear

Falken FK452 235/35/19 front and 255/35/19 rear

H&R Sport Springs and stock shocks
Koni Yellow Shocks (added after 3 months)

Fender Mods
Rolled all 4 corners

Ride is much more "airy" than stock. With stock I felt the road more, which I liked. This airy feeling I'm not used to, kinda like driving a Toyota Camry, but probably because of my 19". The ride height didn't change much, even though it's lowered on the H&R springs again due to the 19". Most importantly though this setup rubs in the front due the the ULTRA flushness, I will have to roll the fenders for sure, if I went 225 up front, then I would be fine. I might have to cut that plastic tab in the front a little too since I think that's what's bothering the wheel the most. Also in the rear I might have to do some minimal work since on big bumps my wheels will hit the liner.

Otherwise I am happy with this setup and will get my fenders rolled in the front for more clearance up front, I would bet that after the roll I will be rub free. I wanted 235s up front cause I did not want the tire to look stretched and was going for a JDM look.

In regards to the springs. They are much stiffer than the stock springs however the non-runflats are balancing them out. I would suspect that I would know when my tires pressure is low as the ride will for sure become stiffer then. On a good note, body roll is drastically decreased with these stiffer springs.

1.5 Months After Thoughts:
I don't suggest this setup to anyone. Only to people who are willing to push the limits. All for of my corners rubbed. To be clear... The front rubbed on slight dips with only myself in the car so I had to do a roll and cut the plastic tab down. That solved the problem in front unless I hit a huge unknown/unseen dip. That's when I'm screwed. The rears do not rub with only myself in the car unless its a really bumpy road and I'm going highway speed. The rears will rub with 3 people in the car on turns. I will get a minor roll in the rear and I should be fine. No cutting required. No negative chamber calculations.

3 Months After Thoughts:
I had all 4 of my fenders rolled. Now I don't rub anymore unless I have full load in my car but that's expected. I rarely drive with people in my car anyway. I will still rub on hard dips, but in high speeds I do not rub anymore since I've added Koni yellows on medium setting. I still get a little bouncy sometimes, but it's not bad. I guess I might have to mess with the rear settings a little, but even without messing with it, I'm fine with it. The Yellows are way better than the stock shocks with H&R springs. There is rebound finally!
Hope this helps everyone!

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