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Originally Posted by katsooba View Post
hey guys,

sorry for the super old thread bump, just got my 1M revozport bonnet installed, and i seem to be having a few issues with its fitment,

1. the windshield washers dont fit
2. for some reason, the aerocatch [pre-cut by rz] doesnt seem to come up on any lock locations when i look from the top of the mount for drilling options
3. for some reason it doesnt close all the way, even when closed [with stock latch only] the front sides seem to be about 1/2" inch above the fender line

did you guys ever encounters these issues?
if so, how did you fix them?

i am driving around with no windshield washers, and it is driving me crazy,
and fitment.. well, seems not 100%

i expected abit more from revozport
1. The washer jets should just fit in from the top, they can be disconnected from the hoses below and there is a tab that needs pushing in slightly and pulled from the top.

2. The Aerocatches need holes drilled in just behind the headlights at the top, there is a small plastic area on the front frame. Will try and find a pic to help

3. Try removing the stock latch and checking all the rubber stoppers etc, and seeing if it lines up ok in the flat position, then start adding the latch/hooks etc. The hinges take alittle fiddling to get right.
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