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Not an attempt to threadjack...just seems like mentioning one of the few alternatives might be welcome(?)

I have been very pleased with the performance of my BMS P-Box over the last couple years. Amazing response improvement plus a small power increase in one inexpensive package. Car has been through servicing twice since installation, and the P-Box goes undetected (I turn it "off" before dropping the car off). When turned off, it feels like someone attached an anchor to the car, or poured molasses into the engine. It stays on map 3 all the time. While outright speed with foot to the floor may not be much beyond stock, driving the car in a spirited manner feels great and people who have taken it for a spin seem to come away thinking it has more power than it actually does.

Mine is a "beta" unit from when they first came out and I paid $240, and I think they retail for about $300 now. I installed it myself and it was straightforward. When I first installed it, I performed carefully timed roll-on acceleration runs and came up with repeatable improvements, indicating some measureable power gain (I suppose those posts can be searched). If it is an 8 or 10 ponies and ft/lbs gain, I feel this is acceptable value. Very happy.

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