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Originally Posted by sjk9671 View Post
So I just installed the Whitline sub-frame bushings. I have to say, getting the rear bolts back in was WAY harder than I remember when taking them out.

I even pulled them back out several times to make sure I wasn't stripping something. But they looked fine. I lined them up and then went in about 10 turns freely by hand but once they get about half way in I really encountered some serious resistance.

I pulled them back out and greased the threads and even so I had to use a piece of my jack handle for the last inch. They are all tight now.

Anyone else have this issue? I know 100% the bushings and sub-frame are lined up right. The front mounts bolts went in easy and I tightened them down to about the last 1/2 in before I put the rears in.
Did you mix up the bolts with the fronts ? I really can't say why you had a hard time with the bolts. Maybe order new bolts and swap them in on your next oil change.

I looked on and the bolts don't seem to be of a one time use type. Maybe try using a magnet to see if those bolts are of a alloy/stretch type. ?