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Originally Posted by dcaron9999 View Post
I wonder what the next logical and affordable modification I should invest in to reduce understeer even more, without sacrificing rear traction. Budget is $1000-$1500.
That is the dilemma. How to have it all!

Your front tires are wearing their outside edges because your car is rolling too much and even lots of static camber is not enough to keep the outside edges off the pavement. That argues for some combination of stiffer springs or bars.

Your understeer indicates too much grip at the back relative to the front. That argues for bigger front tires or smaller rear ones. Realistically you are limited as to how big you can go up front. On 261 wheels that is 225 if you want to stay within the suggested widths for both 7.5" and 8.5" wheel widths. The fact is you can't have it all so you have to decide what is more important - neutral handling or rear grip.

Stickier tires for the track are another option that would help all around. Ideally an actual track tire. Good options are painfully limited though. Carl at Perry Performance would suggest Nitto NT01. If you are on OE wheels, this suggests you need a dual duty tire though, so the RE-11 or Direzza ZII or similar are probably better choices.

Recalibrate your thinking - a car powerful enough that you need to modulate the throttle at corner exit as opposed to mash it is really part of the fun of having a powerful car. Accept that you are traction limited on corner exit. Really, this is a good thing. Embrace that, and a square tire setup will help you quite a bit.

Probably your next step should be coilovers, then bars as required. Of course the big front bar experiment is fairly cheap to try now. Remember though, a bar is meant to be a fine tuning tool and it won't really solve the fundamental problem that you have too much rear grip to actually produce balanced handling.

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