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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
I think there is confusion. OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. That means that part is made by any company that makes original equipment for your brand. So for example if Acme made a part for bmw 30 years ago. They are an OEM. ATE, Textar, Pagid,, Zimmerman etc are all OEM but not what came with your car. OE. Is original equipment. That means the original equipment. BMW parts are Original Equipment. Where the semantics cause confusion is for example if you know the rotors are the exact same as OE. You can also say they are OE without the brand. Conversely if you say OEM you can get a part that was made by a manufacturer that makes parts, or has made parts in the past, for BMW but might not be the right compound, metal composition for your specific car. So are you looking for OE original Equipment or OEM a decent part made by any manufacturer that has ever made parts for BMW?

I know the rotors for my ZHP came from Zimmerman the front pads were Pagid and rear Textar as an example. So I buy OEM Zimmerman rotors that are almost OE BMW brand.

If you don't drive a lot just get the best possible deal on BMW OE. If I were to go OEM I would go Zimmerman rotors unless someone here is certain they are made by someone else. Then I would get those. For OEM I likenTextar they have good cold bite but can be slightly noisier than Pagid. FCP seems very good but I haven't used them. Finally if you get the wrong rotor and wrong pad combination, you can end up with less cold bite which I prefer. Which is why I lean to OE or finding the OE equivalent OEM part. I hope that makes sense.
Would these parts be considered OE?