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Thx for this thread. Kinda frustrated. Had the dealership adjust this today, among other things. Heard some rubbing on the drive home but didn't sound catastrophic. When I slowed down into my drive there were clunks and squeals coming from the rear and when I stopped, the passenger side rotor was too hot to touch. I released the tension on the spring (as in step one above) and removed the wheels. Both sides sound like something is scraping and "not right". I also can't seem to see the adjustment knob through the wheel bolt holes. Problem now is that I want to remove the rotors to inspect before I take it back to the dealer, but I can't even get the one off that wasn't as hot (drivers). I've removed the caliper and the allen joy. Tried a number of impact joy. Any advice on how to get a stuck rotor off?

I am pretty pissed...once I am convinced it is safe to drive, I am taking it back to the dealer and having them replace everything associated with the parking brakes in each rotor. Should I have them inspect/replace the wheel bearings? Anything else?

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