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Originally Posted by loesch View Post
I have a theory about why these horrid, start-stop systems are catching on. It's not because it's a selling point that the car gets another 5mpg.The president says that by 2025 cars need to average 55mpg. There are stages to this political move. Car makers need 35.5mpg by 2016. If they disagree they get the bad rep of being pollution contributors. These stupid start-stop engines are the only way they can meet the numbers. It's a horrible thought but this resurrection of the muscle car war that we are seeing now is once again nearing its end.
I'm all about fuel economy and saving the environment but it sounds to me like engineers are being told that they need to ignore the iron law of physics.

They keep building more turbocharged motors and all of a sudden telling us its OK to randomly shut the engine off to save fuel. Why wasn't that OK 10 years ago? I think a lot of people are forgetting why the automotive industry mostly gave up on turbocharging gas engines a generation ago.