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Originally Posted by mryakanisachoad View Post
Basically, it's is okay to shut down a hot naturally aspirated engine, but its really bad for a turbocharged motor. To avoid coking of oil on the bearings, it's always been a good idea to let the engine idle for a minute or so. That's always been the best way to shut down a turbocharged engine.
The turbo/s are cooled with coolant, my ancient 88 porsche turbo runs an electric coolant motor to cool down the turbo bearing slowly over a period of 30 mins after a drive. I have had zero issues with coking the oil in the turbo by shutting the car down hot.

I am even less worried about it in modern turbo motors that run the coolant after shutdown like these do.

I don't like like the auto stop/start either but my only complaint would be from the interruption felt in the cabin and the added starter cranks.
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