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Sp Daten for 2005 120i E87 with N46 motor

Good Morning,

I hope someone on here can help with the issue I'm experiencing at the moment. I bought a 120i to rebuild and I've noticed recently that the Differential Intake Actuator valve doesn't function nor does it generate a fault code when I unplug it. Same with the MAF sensor.

After a bit of research I figured out that later models and especially the Low end power ones don't have this intake valve and also don't use the MAF sensor. So I suspect that my DME has had the wrong firmware upgraded to it.

I would like to try go back the the original or as close to it as possible. The Dme also has a fault code for "Coding Fault"

Would someone be able to assit me with old sp daten files so that I can attempt to correct this. I'm looking for the 2004 to 2005 files. I'm not sure what version this would be?

Appreciate 0