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Originally Posted by **********s View Post

In my experience working at **********s your wonderful posts and remarks have been very enjoyable. You've done a great job handling this situation and I just wanted to say thank you for making everything so easy for me.

Because of your patience and understanding your wheels are just about ready to be shipped if you choose to believe me. I did not respond to any previous posts because I'm simply tired of all this. You are the only person who is continuing this harassment. Now because of how well you've handled this situation **********s, the company you love to hate has powdercoated your wheels at NO COST that is usually an additional 400.00 charge. The latest news I received from Forgestar is that your wheels were sent out to get powdercoated on 5/17 and should be arriving any minute now. Hmm....maybe a phone call and you would have received a quicker answer. Again, I stopped replying to your posts because they were really just irritating and we could have accomplished much more over the phone instead of you posting this on 4 different forum threads. But then again E-Mail's or PM's would have been best because you would have just gotten over the phone and just cursed at us repeatedly and not allow us to speak. Enjoy your 1748.00 set of Forgestar F14's that you got for 1098.00 and sorry again that it took this long to deliver it. But again thank you for your patience and understanding.

Wow, you keep him waiting 5+ months and then this is the reply. You'll never see a dime from me and probably a lot of others on this forum based solely on this.

And on a side note. How does 1748-400=1098?
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