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Originally Posted by Freakazoid View Post
so they're CUSTOM hub rings right... 6 months and you can get 'em!
If you ever considered going into the fortune telling business...

First off, I sent an email to **********s customer support last night and posted my problem on this site. As of now, I still haven't recieved an email back from **********s and despite every employee of **********s having visited here today, there is no post from them on this subject. I'm simply saying they have not acknowledged this issue or stated whether or not they are even working on it.

As you know I've demonstrated repeatedly since last January that I'm not known for my patience. So, I emailed forgestar directly this afternoon (west Coast time). They got back to me in a matter of minutes...

You guys will like this. Despite listing Volvo C30 and S40 fitment on their F14 page, Forgestar doesn't stock 63.4mm hub rings and they just assumed all Volvos were 65.1mm. They are farming the fabrication of these rings to some other company and because monday is a holiday, they expect them the middle of next week. Then of course they have to be shipped to me.

Now, you could think this is all Forgestar's fault but, I blame just one person: Kevin Bonifacio @ **********s

You see, WAY back in January I called Kevin and ordered these wheels. I provided him all the necessary figures...18x8.5 5x108 et 46 AND hub size 63.4mm to which he said he didn't need that number and never wrote it down. Writing it down on the order, even if he didn't think it was needed, would prevent me from having to say

....Wait for it....

Welcome to July.

I still have an incomplete and currently useless wheel order.
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