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Originally Posted by tuco44 View Post
I dunno about this car. The good thing is the discount, and it's a nicely equipped manual car in LMBlue (the best color..).

The negatives are it's a lot of kms for a demo. Seems too high to me unless it's been in use a while. Find out what the "in-service" date is as that's the time your warranty starts to run. For me personally, I would not like that others have put 7700kms on my car....maybe just me. I doubt they will go for extended warranty, but you could ask. How much is your deposit? Any dealership worth it's salt will not keep a deposit if a customer changes his mind. What about ordering a new one? I would get the dealership to search the dealer inventories to find you a new one, and arrange to have it delivered (it might cost you a bit of extra shipping).

I called the dealer just a little while ago and expressed my concern regarding the excess wear and mileage on the car. I was told the Cars "IN-Service Date was : June 28,2012, and warranty would expire the same day of 2016.

He said the reason it has such high mileage is because it was used as a loaner/company car for the business manager, and that there has only been 1 driver. The car was never used as a test car and that I have nothing to worry about.

I hope I'm not being played here.

This completely contradicts what Webb70 said a few posts above:

Budds is 15 mins from my house, I actually drove that
$2500 seems high for winter tires and rims, but thats what dealerships get I guess....
I think unless it "just snowed" you will be fine to drive home with the summer tires.

Not sure where to go from here. Is there anything I can ask for or any obvious signs to look for that the vehicle was driven by a lot of different people?

I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt but I'm so skeptical after 2 bad dealer experiences. If this was in town it would be much easier, a 1000km roundtrip is far to go.

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