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Northwest Burbs Grill n Chill MEAT!!! w/coding 4/22/12

BMW Grill n Chill 2012

Date: Sunday April 22nd 2012
Time: 12:00
Location: 4841 Prime parkway McHenry, IL 60050

Going to set up another get together for everyone. This time we are going to grill out. Will have cheeseburgers with some chips and drinks for everyone.

We will also have some openings for some coding starting at 11. If you are interested please start a list and I'll keep it up to date.

Coding List:
1. FC5
2. f1rst 1
3. Boostd92
4. goblueM3
5. mkPOTO
6. mentos876
7. jprad
8. ntpcrew13
9. saifsiddiqui
10. chicagob5
11. gary88
12. DesiRoc
13. ktwktwktwktw
14. bwagner

Models Supported:

• 1 Series: E81 / E82 / E87 / E88
• 3 Series: E90 / E91 / E92 / E93 / E46 / E36
• 5 Series: E60 / E61 / E39
• 6 Series: E63 / E64
• 7 Series: E65 / E66 /E67 / E68
• X Series: X6 ( E71 / E72) X5 ( E70 / E53) X3 (E83)
• Z Series: Z4 (E89 / E86 / E85) Z3 (E36/7/8) Z8 (E52)
• MINI Cooper

Wiper Operation
• Wiper completes the full cycle when the vehicle is turned off during the operation

Auto Sunroof close with Rain Sensor
• Close the Sunroof from full open or tilt position when the rain sensor is activated.

Close Side View Mirrors
• Closes the side view mirrors when you lock the doors and opens the side view mirror when you unlock the door with the Key FOB.

Open and Close Windows / Roof
• Open and Close the door windows, Roof and Convertible Top with the Key FOB.
• Close convertible tops with key FOB

Trunk Close
• Close the tailgate with the remote and button inside the cabin

Eject Key FOB
• Eject the Key FOB when you turn off the vehicle

Lock and Unlock Doors
• Eject the Key FOB, Unlock the doors (Driver side or all doors) and Park mode on when you turn off the vehicle
• Lock the door when the vehicle is moving

Door Dong
• Mute the volume when the driver's door is open and Key FOB is in the slot.

iDrive Warnings [Accept]
• Remove the iDrive warning message when starting the vehicle
• Remove the iDrive warning message when the rear view camera is on

Digital Speed
• Digital Speed can be turned on on the instrument cluster
• You could have a True Car speed which will be lower than the Speedometer or matching digital speed with Speedometer

Double Blink Hazard
• Double Blink the hazard lamp or parking lamp.
• Double Blink the hazard lamp in Crash but sorry, this can not be tested

Seat Belt Chime
• Turn off the Seat Belt Chime but you will still have red fat man light remains on in the cluster

Fog Lights
• Turn on the Fog Lights with the high beam light
• Turn on the Fog Lights with high beam flash

Side Marker/ Turn Signal Lights
• Turn off side marker/ turn signal lights with the high beam light

BFD (Brake Force Distribution) Lights on
• Turn on the BFD light with regular break lights

MP3 Play Back
• Play MP3 CDs on your in dash player if your vehicle was built on or after 09/2005 or any vehicle built prior to this date but software was updated after 09/2005.

Video in Motion
• Play Video on Navigation system when you are driving.
• Activating DVD in Motion is for testing purposes only. It is intended for OFF ROAD and Experimental use ONLY.
• You assume full responsibility to watch video while in motion. I am not liable for any damages to your vehicles or any bodily injuries caused.
• Video In Motion (CIC iDrive models only) and some newer models

Auto Light Sensitivity
• Change the sensitivity of the light sensor, so the head lights will turn on when it is getting little darker than turning on at 4 PM.

Instrument Cluster Light
• You can have the Instrument Cluster Lighting always on even thought the head lights are off on a sunny day.

The following features can be added to some of the vehicles...

-Lock/unlock beep option in iDrive
-Auto Light Sensitivity Control in iDrive (PRE-LCI Vehicles only)
-Day time Running Light option in iDrive
-Fuel Stop Suggestion in Route Guidance
-Instant MPG
-Fuel Tank Reserve Warning show up when the fuel level at 1/8 tank rather than 1/4 tank
-Display cruise control set speed if not currently available
-Auto Light / Rain Sensitivity Control in BS (No Navigation)
-Disable Auto Dimming mirrors
-Follow Me Home Lights/Welcome lights
-Increase Angel Eyes Brightness
-Side Marker / Turn Signal light with Welcome Light
-Front fog lights on when unlocking the car (Welcome Light Activated)
-Low beams on when unlocking the car (Welcome Light Activated)
-Rear fog lights on when unlocking the car (Welcome Light Activated)
-Rear license plate on when unlocking the car (Welcome Light Activated)
-Angel Eyes on when unlocking the car
-Weather Radio Band
-Auto Tilt Side Mirrors on the reverse gear

F Series coding is not possible for now.

*Possibility to code specific option may vary depend on the model. I'm not liable for any and all possible damage and worry not though! In 40+ that I've coded I have not had a single coding-related error.

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