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Well it happened. I even blew off an appointment at my dealer last week b/c I couldn't get a SA to call me back beforehand. The idea was to download all the info here to him/her, and gain confidence the right work w/ the right fluids would be done. Finally did get a hold of a solid SA, and rescheduled.

New SA said - there is no transmission fluid change at 1200 on this car. He confirmed it, and honestly I felt some stress relief. When I got the call that the car was done, SA said the shop manager over-ruled him at changed the transmission fluid. Guess what they put in...

Car is now sitting at the dealer waiting for LT-5. SA is super apologetic and the dealer in general is handling it as best they can.

Moral of the story:

Our car is a low-production frankenstein that is throwing everyone in the service dept for a loop. Throw-in confusing internal documentation with multiple sources (this is my interpretation) and we've got a high service cluster potential.

Find a good SA, build a real relationship w/ that person, and inform yourself, then inform the SA. Oh, and don't be a jerk.

Thank you Metak for this thread.