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I've driven a M3 with DCT since I first commented on this topic at the performance center during a M school. I like the way it worked but I think the driving experience is all automatic and not like a manual. It definitely will let you hit the rev limiter in M mode, I did it repeatedly (got suggestions (requests) over the radio to stop it). I think I could get used to paddles for track or spirited driving but it would take me more than a 2 day school. The M5 and M6s were the single clutch automatics which definitely shift slower.

Overall I think the difference for the driver between a conventional automatic and a DCT is not great. If the conventional auto is set up with high pressure on the clutches and the right programming it shifts quickly and solidly too. Long term, I can see an efficiency advantage for the DCT and potentially reliability advantage too but I still think it will be awhile before all the software and possibly the hardware side of the DCT is mature enough for these advantages to be consistently realized.

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