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Here's an all day drive I did recently. It's a bit far depending on where you are coming from but well worth the views and quality of road. This goes through Kings Canyon and Sequoia National park so expect entrance fees of $25-30. You might get bogged by some visitors but most people are aware of turnouts (unlike some people of Hwy9!). My favorite part is hwy 245 section as its tight/technical/elevation changes with good visibility to look ahead. It reminds me of Mount Hamilton San Jose side but a lot smoother and wider. There was no one else on the road so you can really enjoy the drive.''/K...ab96ea!1m0!3e0
Hi 1mang,

For some reason, that link doesn't work any more.

Can you either recreate the link, or just give the start/end points & route?


For some bizarre reason, Google Maps can't/won't route from Hwy-180 over to Hwy-245 in a Web browser... but it will on Google Maps on iOS

So broke up what I think is the route into two legs as follows:
  1. Kanawyers to Big Stump Entrance via Hwy-180: (~38 miles)
  2. Big Stump Entrance down to Citro via Hwy-245: (~43 miles)

Let me know if that's correct.


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