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Originally Posted by Pierre26 View Post
. I want to verify some information about the correct wiring: how did you find that the pins 1 and 2 needs to be bridged by jumper? Because I have also a mulf and a CiC professional with the iDrive(2) and don't want to do the wrong way ... I have tested the 4 pins of the oem Ref plug (61-13-6-905-200): N1 =?, N2 is 12Volt, N3 is Ground and N4 = ?. So if you know what these two pins are for (mulf or other sensor) I would be glad to know !!
I asked another forum member who completed the same project. Naturally this is not the OEM way to do it, however no matter how far i searched (approx 1 month) i couldn't find the correct wiring diagram.

Pin 1 & 2 in the 4 pin connector, inside the MOST bus connector need to be bridged only.

BTW the remote turn on signal is sent over the MOST fibre optic bus, not pins 10&20 - you can use these or the larger 2 pins for power supply.