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Originally Posted by filjar View Post
Hi there! Well, maybe you can help me with the MOST wiring. I own a F07 and it has hifi sound system. So I was eager to upgrade this system and I bought top hifi system(speakers, amp, wiring and all the other things).

Replacing speakers was easy, installing amp was easy, amp speaker wiring was easy, power cable installing was easy. All these things were easy since the hifi sound system has almost all the wiring I needed. But the MOST wiring...this have given me an restless nights. My car does not come with an MOST distribution block, so I can't do what you did. Or you car didn't have as well the MOST distribution block and you bought one?

In my car it seems that one cic MOST wire is going to combox, one tv module MOST wire is also going to combox and the second tv module MOST wire is going back to front of the car.

At ebay I saw and MOST y-adapter, maybe this is solution for my car? The product can be seen here:

Or there is other way to make top hifi amp work?

Rgds, Viljar
Your car would almost certainly have a distribution block, the only question is where it is located. The 4th last image in my original post with the green cables going into a black plastic thing is the distribution block. In this car it was behind the left rear passenger bolster. Follow the wire that is going to the front of the car, it should lead you to the block. You will need to remove a lot of trim including seats etc.

Don't forget you will need to have your car reprogrammed for the new sound system otherwise it simply will not work.