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Originally Posted by chris_flies View Post
If I want the old-fashioned-like driving experience, I wouldn't buy a BMW after the switch to turbo-only motors and EPS. Manuals with naturally-aspirated engines will always be the true elitist's choice.

Now, for a sporty daily driver/family car, a G20 330i with the track pack would be wonderful. The eight-speed is brilliant, not dim-witted like most autos. I wouldn't buy the Z4 because of its looks (old Lexus, anyone?), and I wouldn't buy the Supra because of the fan base. That said, I don't have the money to buy any of the above yet...

Honestly though, I feel like, given the date of the original post, a 4/1 is being pulled-over on us...
4/1 was a coincidence; it's when I opened the promotional email from BMW and then clicked on the contained link. I think the email came a few days earlier. I didn't open it until I'd read everything important in my inbox and then started deleting the crap.
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