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Originally Posted by Fast kiwi View Post
here's the goss on that question..
just subtract about 7% from m.s.r.p but remember a few things, this doesnt cover p.d.i, maco, (or in my case) commisions... and anytime you hear some one say "yeah but what about dealer money" the truth.. even if there is some dealer money, the sales person doesnt see it, and neither does the sales manager in most cases so its silly to even take that into consideration..

evryday some one buys a car from me and spends just a little more (oftern only a hundred or two dollars more) because you cant cheap your self out of a sales person and dealership you can depend on. if ever there is a problem, can you get a loaner? will your sales person still be there or even care??
money cant buy the kind of serivce you SHOULD get when buying a new BMW. (or pre-loved for that matter)

sorry to ramble, just take this into consideration.. its not a RULE.
BMW doesnt have "Dealer money" or "holdback" the dealership gets paid on CSI which is a huge amount. As for MACO ED doesnt have it plus you get FREE carpet mats. The 135 is going to be hot so I wouldnt expect less than $500 off initially. Once supply is there they will be whored out by salesman who cant sell.
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