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My 1M has no "smoker's package," unlike my 135i coupe or my 135is convertible, both of which have them. I had a battery drain issue which turned out to be due to an unknown Lojack device installed under the back seat by the previous owner. Finding it required the entire interior to be taken out, or at least most of it, and there were wires and cables everywhere. Given the expense of this detective work, and already having the car filleted open, so to speak, I was looking for any tiny bit of value add I could get from this disaster. I asked the lead technician if I could have the front cigarette lighter adapter installed, e.g. smoker's package, before everything was put back together. What he said was that there was no way to do that, that a retrofit kit for that did not exist. I suspect he was talking in terms of whether BMW provides a kit like that for installation after the vehicle is produced, as an option.

But, this does not mean, obviously, that one could not take the required parts and find a way to hook up the circuit from a power source in the car. I'm sure that this could be done, but it might mean that a car assembled without the smoker's package lacks an immediately adjacent power source to connect, since the car in question was not assembled with that package. You might just have to cobble together something from the fuse panel.