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Originally Posted by Phlonx View Post
Good piece of info i got from Apex:

To fit 245s on the front, you will need -3 to -3.5 camber in the front. So feasible for the track but not for the street.
That much negative camber is not needed. You may have spoken to someone who did not fully understand the 1 series fitment, or they though they were providing info regarding a different model.

The 1 series only needs 1-1.5 degrees negative to fit a 245 street tire properly. It can be done with less but that may only work with very specific tires, and could be extremely close to rubbing. We know some have done 245/35 on the stock suspension, but those tires are physically narrower than many other tires out on the market. It would be too risky to use a blanket statement, that all 245's fit.

-2 would be ideal for an r-compound like a Hoosier R6.

Originally Posted by 1&done View Post
...ya, I am going back out of getting a set of the EC-7s. You can fit more rubber on the ARCs and the EC-7s really are not that concave, at least in the 1er fitment. Still a fan of APEX though
You can fit just as much rubber onto both designs. The width and offset is exactly the same in the front. The rear is pushed out 4mm more on the EC-7. 95% of members who get the ARC-8 pick up 265/35/18 rears. Only a few get 275's. If a 275 is installed then it would be better for the tire to be further away from the inner fender and sub frame, and to have to roll a few millimeters vs. the tire rubbing the inner fender well or subframe with some tires.

Sorry for the confusion.

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