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Originally Posted by marcel b View Post
I'm not having a drone. car has done 2500 miles.
I had a drone in my 335, especially with the performance exhaust mounted.
Did you ever had one or it went away? I have 900km now and still droning, but I think it is settling down.

Originally Posted by Evice View Post
Pfff. Exhauston performance car without drone, is like living with a woman without vagina.
No problem with drone - but it's droning at the wrong rev on my car. Our highway speed here is 110km, and it is droning at 110-130km in 6th in my car. Not much problem with 70km in 5th as you don't tend to be at that speed in say a 70km zone all the time. Also, putting in 4th is some what a solution if you need to, as it is only for a short period of time. Putting in 5th seems to defeat to purpose of 6th in the 1M as it was designed to be like an overdrive.

I have no problem if it is loud, or if it drones at a different rev range/speed/loud. Droning at highway cruising speed is irritating. At the moment my solution is doing 100km or cruise in 5th.
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