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Originally Posted by Kabirun View Post
Well, I don't think safety is an issue here as much as is the price and work involved. All 1Ms in Mexico are the fully equipped version and cost somewhere around 63-64K. You will have to pay import taxes--however the dealership should be able to waive the ridiculous 16% VAT in that 60+K price if you get them the import paper work.

any BMW dealer in Mexico can deliver it to you in any border town dealership, say Tijuana or Laredo.

If interested you have to talk to a customs agent in your country and find out how much is the import tax for this car. I guess this is complicated--the bottom line is whether you want a new 1M or a used one.

I'm going to the dealership at some point this week, and will ask out of my own curiosity.

I live in Mexico City and interestingly there are around four 1Ms left here in the dealerships data bases. like 1AW, 2Black and 1VO. BTW I'm still waiting to receive mine, a beautiful AW-- it is already here, but I'm waiting for a few items that I want changed before getting it out. like the black line rear lights.
I will post pictures soon.

Yes, for me it is a collection car, I don't have that kind of money though (my everyday car is a shitty pontiac G3), but I was so in love with the 1M that I decided to go for it, even if I'm now regretting the debt.

My mom is a US Customs Broker and can help you with the process. I wasn't just speaking abstractly. She has been a US Customs Broker for over 30 years and has imported many cars. So if you go that route, PM me and I can put you in contact. But as I said, you will have to change things. For example the Mexican 1Ms have the European headlights, which would have to be retrofited to US yellow side markers. That will probably add $2000. Transportation, broker fees, etcl add up.

Keep in mind the DOT is the same agency that forced people importing the Ferrari F40 to take out the Ferrari 6 point harness and retrofit it with an automated sliding lap and shoulder belt combination because it was "safer" and it was the "law." Common sense is NOT something that exudes from these people. I am speaking from 30 years of the family business.