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Originally Posted by p66 View Post
The DE this weekend (1/12 & 13) is sold out. It sold out in a matter of hours. The Drivers Edge is the organization and they are a Dallas, TX based company and run tracks in Texas.

The BMW CCA Lonestar Chapter event is June 7-8. Registration starts on 1/14 and there are some rules around who is allowed first rights to register. Mark Williams can give more details. Let's just say if you aren't a Lonestar Chapter member and haven't driven a BMW CCA DE sponsored or co-sponsored by the Lonestar chapter in the last couple of years, your odds of getting in are very low.

Currently BMW CCA has TWO events at COTA for calendar year 2013... :

June 7-9 is our HPDE/CR/Autocross/Concours event (aka the Texas Trifecta)
Octber 3-5 is a Club Race and potential DE weekend.

For the first event... registration opens 01/14 with the following tiers

1- recent participants of an LSC/ Tejas or Houston Chapter HPDE (last 2 years)

2- all other members of the three Texas chapters

3- all other BMW CCA chapter members nationwide

4- really don't anticipate this - any others including non members that will need to become chapter members due to CCA rules requiring membership.

Our registration is tiered in much the same way as TDE. Drivers that are KNOWN to the CCA chapters involved will receive priority over those from other organizations. I hope that all that want to attend understand that this is a tenuous situation. All it will take is a major incident to give the track a REALLY VALID reason to not rent the track to Amateur drivers at all.

TDE has allowed only solo and advanced drivers. We are nearing a similar decision and that may be mandated by the track.
If so, I am ok with that as it is clearly a very challenging course. My personal opinion is that anyone attending this particular track shouldn't be learning concepts like " understeer, oversteer, what an apex is, etc" while also trying to learn 20 corners at the same time.

The Trifecta event in June is aimed at CCA members. The three chapters involved are combining to make that event as close to a BMW CCA ofest in Texas as we can. Membership indeed has it's priviliges... I would much rather accept long standing CCA members from out of the area as opposed to Johnny come latelys that aren't invested in the BMW community or our events.
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