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Originally Posted by ianc View Post
How are you figuring this? Did you have the exact same tires fitted to each set of rims and compare the weight of each set with the tires mounted?

What style stock rims did you have?

Used a bathroom scale - so I know that accuracy may be somewhat off - maybe 10% worse case. But I repeated weighings and the scale was at least repeatable after repeat tries. And according to the TireRack site the combination should be close to 40lbs lighter (and the numbers on my scale for the old set were pretty close to what figures for the stock wheels/tires have been quoted on this site...)

Took the original wheels/tires off and weighed them one unit at a time. Then I took the new wheel/tire assembly and weighed it before putting them on. There's about 4000km of wear on the original tires so maybe a few tenths of a pound of weight gone there - but they were slightly dirty too, so call it a tie.

Note that the front tire size is a 225 vs a 215 stock, and the new rims are 8" so, that is 1/2" bigger than stock on the fronts, and 1/2" smaller than stock on the rears.

A rough calculation also shows this is about the same as taking ~240lbs of static weight off the car.

As for pics - those are the only ones I have but I couldn't upload them in their original size, about 4Megs, without the site saying no can do. Too bad because the pic's look better than what I was able to upload.

edit - original rims were the 264's(?) I believe. What comes stock with the M Sport pkg on a 2009 NA 135.