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Lost all my SMS's

sorry if not the right place,

I upgraded my Android in December, to an Alcatel, it's ok, running Android 10.

I transferred all my stuff over. But for some weird reason I lost EVERY single SMS, including archive all gone ?

I looked at my phone, and I saw a SMS from a freind, it was in lock, unlocked it and was prompted to start a new chat, EVERYTHING gone, I pulled the battery, pulled the sim, tried texting and receiving all worked but NO SMS's all wiped, there was a google backup drive running but it didnt save anything.

I ran a few programs of the net to see if I could retrieve anything, not even anything deleted ? couldnt find a bean.

Luckily I still had my old phone so copied my old SMS's but all my texts since late dec to now gone, didnt even get a warning or anything to swipe ?

everything else on my phone is there, ringtones, pics, settings contacts..

Now I have to backup my phone as well as my PC sheesh !

I lost a lot of "sentimental texts" nothing that I'll loose my job over or anything like that.

I'm concerned now, if I don't know what happened it could happen again...
Battery was good, I did have a "sd card error popping up" but I researched that, it comes up when you shut donw your phone.

I had shut down my phone the night before, as I was nearly on a dead battery, and wanted not to have a dead phone tillI put it on charge.

Any ideas ?
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