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1M to 335is?

Here is my dilemma...
The 1M is an incredible ride. But because I'm a ninny, I don't drive it when there is salt on the roads, the weather is bad (rain, etc), or the weather might turn bad. That leaves like 8 days a year to drive it here in Chicago Ok, kidding - sort of (I put 1,200 miles on the car in the last year).
I'm also paranoid about the car. I realize it is "just a car" but every time I get in it I worry that if I wreck it, the insurance company is not going to be able to get me a new one.
So it sits in my garage.
I will say that when I do drive it, I love the torque, I love the sound, I love the way the car "feels". Except I'm one of the few who simply can't stand the fact that it does not have a sunroof. Drives me nuts.
Enter the 335is...
While I could get a used one, I probably would order one. It would have the color I want (Blue!) as well as the options I want (yea, I'm an active steering kind of guy - if you lived where I do, you would understand). The price would probably be zero out of pocket right now as well (the 335is would begin its immediate drop in value, whereas the 1M will probably hold its value much better).
However, I could drive it. I could drive it in the rain and heck, even today when it is 30 degrees out and there is salt on the streets.
How crazy am I to be considering this?
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