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Originally Posted by i128 View Post
I chose mine, because it does just that, and offers a driving pleasure that suits my needs
well you have your own reason to have bought a 135... if you really liked your 400whp evo that much, you would have built another one.
Congrats, you just summed up why I went with a 135i instead.

I bought that Evo brand new in late 2005 as a model year 06 and they stopped production of the Evo9's in that same year. My car was stolen early 2009 and if they had still produced Evo9's, I would have snatched another one up. I wasn't going to buy another persons used Evo considering how they are driven unless it was a track toy, but I was looking for a daily driver. The Evo 10's are butt ugly and was not impressed with that new motor in it, so I went with a 135i instead. Right now my 135i is making about 400whp and recently ran at the strip which went 12.3@117mph with a shitty 2.1 60ft. It still needs another 100whp...