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Originally Posted by BimmerKid87 View Post
Hi. I want to move to
If driving is your thing, this is a good place to be. We have miles of well-surfaced, lightly travelled (and patrolled) mountain roads around here.

Originally Posted by varsity View Post
Do you know if OEM centercaps will fit in those wheels? Would be nice to have a roundel in there.
TireRack does not advertise them as accepting OEM caps as they do for some wheels. They look like they are the same diameter (I think) but the Breyton caps have a wire behind the tabs to hold them in. I dunno if that means the lip the tabs snap behind is a different shape/depth or not. Ask that Gill guy from TR. If you were gonna put the BMW ones in, you'd want the newer ones some guys have on here that have a chrome surround, not the grey plastic circumference our OEM ones have.

Originally Posted by WhiteOne View Post
I wonder how much they are spending on that house. Any idea?
I really enjoyed your pictures. Thanks.
That one is among the biggest in the neighborhood. Might be close to $2mil. There are no shortage of nearly as impressive ones with backyards that drop away into the valley that are being given away for 2/3 price bringing them down to $700,000-$800,000. Just don't get one of the examples that's falling slowly down the hill. Oh, and there are plenty of modest houses (like mine) with SOME view for much less. Houses up here cost no more than similar ones in the valley - the value of the spectacular views is offset by the inconvenience of the distance from the city and the crazy winters.