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Originally Posted by IUpod View Post
If driving is your thing, this is a good place to be. We have miles of well-surfaced, lightly travelled (and patrolled) mountain roads around here.
I'm still in college but my brother and I were recently talking about where we wanna move after we finish school, and SLC was a place that came up.

I grew up in New England and have only lived in Dallas for 2 years, so part of me misses the mountains and snow. I much prefer Dallas to New England though.

SLC is unique in that its gorgeous, its snowy and mountainous, its relatively inexpensive, you can drive to Vegas in 6 hours to escape the winter weather, you can be in SoCal in a days drive...

I've never been so I'm already planning to visit sometime to see what it's all about. I'm not really a winter person though, and New England winters were long and dreary...rarely saw the sun...are SLC winters similar?

And yes, I love to drive. DFW sucks for people that like to drive....all the roads are flat and loaded with traffic.
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