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Originally Posted by fe1rx View Post
This is a build thread, not a prescription. I offer up my approach as well as my solutions as food for thought. The approach (methodical, thorough, tested, documented) is probably the most important take-away. Everything made has been drawn, dimensioned, toleranced. Of course the spacer is repeatable, but it is only part of my complete "solution".

I realize that most people just want to buy a kit and have it work perfectly out of the box so they don't have to touch it again. My approach is that I would like it to work well out of the box and then I would like to improve it. That is not an imposition with a seasonal car, but it would be with a daily driver. Also, I have a certain combination of daily refinement and track manners in mind. Everyone is different in terms of how much of the one they are are willing to give up in the quest for the other. There is no perfect solution.

Obviously I design and make stuff for a living, so I have a few tools and materials at my disposal. But I don't make car parts for a living, so I don't need to rush my design to market or to convince anyone it is the best solution to their problem. I have no intention of marketing any of it. Some of it is to poke holes in marketing hype - of which there seems to be a surplus.
Sure. But it looks like a useful part for a problem I have today.

If I wanted to buy a kit that we knew would work well, I wouldn't have bought Bilsteins, or 8" springs in the place of 7".