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Originally Posted by panoz7 View Post
Interesting. I was just reading through the 1 series page on wikipedia and noticed how many models there are. Has BMW realized the sales figures for each model?

I made the 123d template because dedovds requested it, but I'm happy to make others on request as well. They take about an hour to make, so I'd rather wait to make them until they're needed.

Yes, just for the e82 Coupe BMW offers SIX engines(well... seven IF you count the 1M!). Three diesel and three gasoline:

e82 HP (PS) base price

118d 143 PS 2.0L - 27,800 euro
120d 177 PS 2.0L - 29,900 euro
123d 204 PS 2.0L (tt) - 33,700 euro

120i 170 PS 2.0L six - 28,400 euro
125i 218 PS 3.0L six - 32,750 euro
135i 306 PS 3.0L (t) - 40,350 euro

1M 340 PS 3.0L (tt) - 50,500 euro

And for the start of F20 (new four door hatch) production... BMW offers five engines. Three diesels and two gas. All turbos.