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Interesting read: "Understanding and Analyzing Manual Transmission Failures" (2011):

"The road to ruin begins with the clutch. The primary issue with transmission damage is an improperly releasing clutch. A worn or slipping clutch causes a lack of torque transfer from the engine to the transmission, but does the transmission little or no harm. In order to have the synchronizers in the transmission function properly for smooth clash free shifts, the clutch must fully release when depressed, disconnecting the motor from the transmission completely and cleanly. The amount of pedal travel (2-4 inches on average) will result in an air gap at the disc of about 50/1000ths of an inch. The motor is not transferring torque into the transmission, and the output shaft of the trans is now being driven by the drive wheels. If there is no disconnect between the engine and transmission due to an improperly adjusted clutch travel, the synchronizers are now fighting the engine torque load. This causes grinding notchy shifts which will destroy the synchronizer or blocker rings, the engagement teeth on the speed gears and synchro sliding sleeves, the synchronizer keys, shift fork pads and the forks themselves."

To OP: once the transmission of your 1M will be replaced, for your peace of mind: neither CDV delete nor clutch stop.
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