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Originally Posted by Stohlen View Post
There are many parts on the car that aren't considered a "servicable" part, meaning that if it fails the whole assembly is replaced rather than just the part that failed, they are also known as level 3 parts in the engineering world. Car manufacturers use essentally pay other companies to build these components for them, so they are not really available to buy and replace.

I believe this is the case with the needles, and they are designed in such a way that they kind of are damaged during removal, and won't fit on correctly a second time. However some companies do make parts that quite literally break when removed and need to be replaced each time. Quite frustrating if you boss happens to ask you to remove one of these parts several times in a row...
I understand the concept of different levels of quality for parts. I am just saying a part that you know you will not get perfectly aligned the first time out the gate should not be a one-time-one-use item.

I also know that no endorsement of the mentioned product was made in this thread. It was simply a good to know kind of thing so I am not making any implications towards anybody here.