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Just changed my oil. I picked up a Dimple as well. I think their pricing is almost ridiculous, but at least it seems like a good product and I couldn't find a great source for other BMW compatible magnets.

Here's their plug compared to the stocker I pulled.

No issues getting the new Dimple plug installed. Note some of the height difference is a taller head, but there are about 2 extra threads of length as well.

Not much else to note. It was an oil change job. Once I'm due for another change I'll post a picture of the plug.

I'm not entirely sure drain plug magnets are a huge deal in car engines, either. The filter should do its job. If you are paranoid you can always change your filter between oil changes, too.

I use this filter, only $9.14 shipped with Prime:

I use this filter wrench as well, works great:
2009 BMW 135i 6MT Sport, AFE intake, Cobb AP, Apex 18x8.5+9.5, 255/275 PSS

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