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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Misha aka Boosted Boris(formly from Ring Garage) now works for APEX. They not only have the best deals on rental race cars for the Ring but they also have a hotel just a few hundred meters from the Ring TF entrance. You might want to check APEX out.

I think IF I were gonna rent a car for the track(definitely the way to go bc doing it in your own car is way too risky) I would look into APEX. They currently have a M2 and a 218i moung other interesting cars. The 218 has been tuned putting out 200 hp and has some small mods done to it. They also have the cheapest/best deal on Ring rentals... namely their VW Polo - which was crashed recently. But now they have a Polo GTi. They have may cars to choose from RWD or FWD... take a look at their fleet of rentals.

APEX also runs a hotel in Nurburg so its basically all in one. You will just need a regular rental car when you fly into Frankfurt(2 hours away or Munich five and half hours drive - to the Ring) to get to the Ring.

Apex's rental car price list...

You DON'T want to rent a car from SIXT/Europcar/AVIS or any other place and take it to the 'Ring. The rental car companies have spotters at the track and cameras. IF your caught you will NEVER be able to rental a car in Germany from anyone. Get a Ring rental from a good company. And take out extra insurance - just in case something happens.
My last trip to the ring, I rented from another ring rental group. Misha's prices seem a bit pricey so I didn't get it from him. I did a few laps with an instructor and it was still less expensive than just renting the car from Apex.

While not advisable, I also did laps in my regular rental car. From what I heard from a few people I talked to, the rental car companies usually look for their sports cars that people rent and take to the ring. My entry level diesel economy car was not something they look for. Of course, if you do get into an accident, you can be in big trouble. I drove conservatively and had a few scouting laps before my ring rental.
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