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Originally Posted by Dogeeseegod View Post
Labor Day weekend I was pulled over by a kind police officer while doing 136 MPH on his radar. My car said I was doing 144ish. He gave a me a ticket for 90mph...! (OMG WOW TY) I didn't think my car would go over 130, it's still a bone stock 2008 128i/6MT, 64K on it. Since then I've been wondering how the hell I got it moving faster than the computer would allow. This article has me wondering again about wth is happening with my car.
I still wonder myself what is going on, but am not brave enough to go over 110 mph on the local interstate to confirm that it is 4 mph fast at that speed. A ticket at that speed would hurt my wallet too much if I was unlucky enough to try with a trooper nearby.