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Originally Posted by EMPIRE M View Post
So I'm about to get my run-in service in two days (odo @ 1100) and just to be clear I should ask them NOT to do the manual trans fluid? I know to specify the oil and rear diff fluid but should i just ask the SA to pull up "SI B00 01 10" and have him review with the tech that's doing the work?
Correct, they should not be doing anything to the transmission since BMW does not have it as part of the 1200 mile break-in service for the 1M. The reason why some dealers are (accidentally) doing it is because it is done on almost all other M cars and are doing it out of habit (with the wrong fluid, mind you).

Your best bet is to buy the fluid on your own (either the BMW or Porsche branded stuff, they are both the same). And ask your dealer to do it for you (and pay extra for that), or take it to an indy shop and have them do it.