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2011 Nissan GT-R

This GT-R is owned by one of my best friends and I had promised him I'd give it a proper detail. He dropped it off on Friday and I drove it over to the restaurant we were having dinner today (Sunday). Very fun to drive!

In any regard... The paint was in very good condition. Even after washing with a strong soap, I'd say the paint was at an 80-85% swirl free. And that's under the right light. So no polishes was done, just a nice wash, seal and wax. Came out looking beautiful.

Bit of a dreary morning, but perfect to work on the cars.

A good looking mix of Meg's Gold Class, Duragloss 901 and Chemical Guys Citrus Wash! Makes for an amazing soap!

After the car was washed and dried, I gave it a nice coat of Menzerna Power Lock.

Wheels received a layer of Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 and the tires received Optimum Opti Bond.

Pulled the car out to check my work.

Pulled it back inside to finish up a few things, such as the exhaust.