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Originally Posted by E30 Racer View Post
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There is already a DIY on doing this but I did notice one thing that was not mentioned and is key. After you take off the armrest, you have to put the new bracket and it partially goes in inside the console. It has some hooks that you have to slide in from the inside out and push the bracket up. I took enough bolts out that I was able to simply lift the console and spread it slightly to put the bracket in place. Then just put the fasteners back on and put the rear cover.
I just performed this retrofit. What Nachob has mentioned is true, but perhaps a bit understated. Rather than going all he-man when trying to insert the bracket into place by loosening/removing the bare minimum number of fasteners, I found it was necessary to remove the retaining screw on the right (passenger) side of the center console and the 10mm nut under the e-brake boot (in addition to the three 10mm nuts and two torx screws needed to remove the armrest). That allowed the back of the center console to be raised enough to comfortably install the bracket. Zero collateral damage using this approach.

Very pleased with the final result. Clean, OEM BMW parts, and 100% reversible if necessary.

BTW, here are some resources I found helpful:
Awesome!! Yes my writing failed me. I did take all of those off too but this time I only lifted enough to insert the bracket and slide it in. I love this retrofit because every time I drive and don't hear the armrest squeaking and rattling just adds more to the enjoyment. And as an old school performance guy that appreciates my stripper 1M it's one more weight saving thing I don't really need. Thanks for sharing e30Racer!